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Running a small or solo business can be rewarding and life-changing, but it can also be frustrating and challenging.

The biggest of those frustrations is having to make decisions about all four of the essential parts of a business, even if they're not in your current skillset: management, marketing, operations and finance.  The biggest challenge is being able to keep yourself motivated month in, month out, through the ups and downs.

In here, you'll find a range of coaching and accountability services to help you with both of these things.

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[FREE GUIDE] How to frame an offer so it's hard to refuse

Ever wonder why some people seem to get what they want a lot of the time? In this quick guide, we look at how you can improve your odds of success.

[FREE QUIZ] What's your business brand archetype?

Answer the questions in this short quiz to find out which archetypes best describe the experience of working with you.

[QUICK COURSE] Create a Brand Archetype for your one-person business and attract clients you really want to work with

Are you the owner of a one-person business that's in need of more clients? If you've done the FREE QUICK, now do this quick course and start attracting clients you'd really like to work with, with a simple, logical framework.

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