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Running a small or solo business can be rewarding and life-changing, but it can also be frustrating and challenging.

The biggest of those frustrations is having to make decisions about all four of the essential parts of a business, even if they're not in your current skillset: management, marketing, operations and finance.  The biggest challenge is being able to keep yourself motivated month in, month out, through the ups and downs.

In here, you'll find a range of coaching and accountability services to help you with both of these things.

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[INTRO] Hi, I'm Sandy

Get to know a bit about me and my perspective on marketing and life in general to see if I'm someone you'd like to learn with.

[FREE GUIDE] How to frame an offer so it's hard to refuse

Ever wonder why some people seem to get what they want a lot of the time? In this quick guide, we look at how you can improve your odds of success.

[FREE QUIZ] What's your business brand archetype?

Answer the questions in this short quiz to find out which archetypes best describe the experience of working with you.

[QUICK COURSE] Create a Brand Archetype for your one-person business and attract clients you really want to work with

Are you the owner of a one-person business that's in need of more clients? If you've done the FREE QUICK, now do this quick course and start attracting clients you'd really like to work with, with a simple, logical framework.

[1-ON-1] One-Off Coaching Session

Are you stuck in the weeds with a decision or problem in your one-person business?

A one-off, one-on-one coaching session with someone impartial could give a shove in the right direction.

[1-ON-1] 6-Week Business Accountability Package

Do you keep stalling or getting off-track in your efforts to start or establish your business?

Most of us stick at things longer when we have someone to be accountable to and this 6-week accountability package could help keep you on track.

[1-ON-1] 3 Session Intensive Coaching Sprint

Do you keep stalling or getting off-track in your efforts to start or establish your business? A 3-Session Intensive Coaching Sprint could help you make progress fast.

[1-ON-1] 6-Month Business Accountability Package

In a 2015 study, researchers found that people have a 95% probability of completing a goal if they have a specific accountability appointment with someone they've committed to, compared to just 10% if they just decide on their own to do it.

[1-ON-1] One-person business brand discovery intensive

This unique intensive course/coaching combination is designed to give you meaningful information about your business, quickly and is the perfect balance between 'hold my hand' and 'DIY'.

Knowing why your clients are likely to be attracted to you, and how to use this information to your advantage, is some of the most useful information you can have as a business owner.

[PROGRAM] STEP 1 - Take Stock - Look at yourself critically and see the opportunities

Your personality, skills and experience are the most important assets of your one-person business and believe it or not, you've probably got more going for you than you realise. The unique combination of these factors will determine who's likely to be interested in what you have to offer and what that offer is likely to look like.

Before you think about where you're going, take a moment to consider what you've got to get you there.

[PROGRAM] STEP 2 - Your Identity - How others see you and you see yourself

Our identity or “self” is a model we create to help us make sense of the world. It determines how we see ourselves and other people and is the single biggest factor in our happiness and success.

[PROGRAM] STEP 3 - Your Proposition - Create a USP that will match you with your ideal clients

Have you got an accurate answer to the question “what do you do, who do you do it for and why do you do it better than anyone else?” If not, then you’re missing the single most important tool in your marketing toolbox.

[PROGRAM] STEP 4 - Your Brand - Create a digital persona to attract the kinds of people you like working with

Branding is about more than just pretty. It’s about describing the experience of working with you to someone you’ve never met. So before you dash off for a logo, dash in here and find out what you need.

[PROGRAM] STEP 5 - Your Offer - Get more yes's from the people you want to work with

“Build it and they will come” didn’t work for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams and it’s unlikely to work for you. Make it easy for people to work with you and you’ll improve your chances of business success.

[12 DAY AUDIO] A different perspective on the world as it could be

See in the new year with hope in your heart that we can tackle whatever 2022 throws our way, not just because I say so, but because that's exactly what we've been doing for the last 300,000 years.

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