[PROGRAM] STEP 1 - Take Stock - Look at yourself critically and see the opportunities

If you're here with me, reading this, it's probably because you don't yet have an accurate idea of why someone would choose to work with you or what you have to offer those people that they're going to find appealing (and it's seldom what you think it is).

A successful one-person business is one that makes the most of your skills, experience and personal qualities.

Whether you're an existing one-person business owner or someone who dreams of becoming one, creating a business and personal brand based isn't complicated once you're thinking logically about it.

All one-person business owners - particularly female ones - will at some stage compare themselves to their competitors and peers and be upset by what they find. Some for a small amount of time, others for a lot longer. 

Some come away from this comparison with useful information and some do not. It spurs some to action and paralyses others into indecision or a retreat to safer ground.

If you've found yourself struggling to figure out what a business centred around you could or should look like, compared to what everyone else is doing, it's not because you're indecisive or weak. You're human and that's how the human brain is designed to work. 

Until you can find a different way of looking at yourself and the world around you, it's likely that you may never get out of the cycle of negative comparison and move forward.

This program is designed to offer you a framework to do exactly that.

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