[12 DAY AUDIO] A different perspective on the world as it could be

Would you like to start 2022 with a more optimistic and constructive view of the world, that you can apply to business and life?

When I’m considering how to position a service or brand for a client, my first question is to ask what it was designed to do.

This line of thinking often extends to people, and what they really want or need. Since the start of 2020, I’ve thought more and more about how humans as a species were designed to live and how our world was designed to work.

I’ve spent countless happy hours going down rabbit holes including historical perspectives on humanity, the latest research on cognitive science and the fascinating things we can learn from behavioural economists to explain why we do some of the illogical things we can’t seem to stop ourselves from doing.

I came across so many encouraging insights that I decided to put them together in a 12-days of Christmas style series, for anyone who was having trouble imagining where we go to from here as a species.

For 12 minutes each weekday for 12 days, I’ll offer you a different perspective on human nature, the future, government, education, culture & identity, education, individualism, solutions, knowledge, gender, society, fear and business.

These perspectives are non-political, non-religious and with as little gender bias as I can manage (as verified by my husband, who’s one of my test readers).

I’ve taken a birds-eye-view of the history of humanity (all 300,000 years of it) and noticed some patterns. I explore the patterns and offer a different perspective on what may work to bring harmony to our world in the future.

You’ll have the option of reading or listening to each day’s thoughts on a dedicated, private podcast channel.

If you’ve run out of ways to think positively about the future, why not join me and start 2022 on a more positive note?

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