[1-ON-1] 6-Month Business Accountability Package

An experienced business and marketing manager to hold you accountable

When you're trying to start, establish or try something new with a small or one-person business, keeping from stalling or getting off-track is something that's easier said than done. For most business owners, their business isn't their only priority. It might be paid work while they transition from employment or a young or dependent family to care for.

Whatever your other commitments are, most of us stick at things longer when we have someone to be accountable to. Over the course of a 6 month period, you will be accountable to me for completing a particular project or task related to your business that will help you move forward. $690 might seem like a lot of money but if you were hiring someone full-time in your business to work with you on this, you'd be paying them a lot more than 71c an hour which is what it works out to, spread over 6 months. Or the price of a cup of moderately good coffee per day.

We also stick at things more easily if we define a timeframe. Committing to a 6-month business accountability program could help you identify one business goal that is important to your growth, and do the work required to reach it.

The research on accountability

In a 2015 study on accountability by the Association for Talent Development, researchers found that people have the following probabilities of completing a goal by taking these actions:

Having an idea or goal: 10% likely to complete the goal
Consciously deciding that you will do it: 25%
Deciding when you will do it: 40%
Planning how to do it: 50%
Committing to someone that you will do it: 65%
Having a specific accountability appointment with someone you’ve committed to: 95%

Reference: https://www.afcpe.org/news-and-publications/the-standard/2018-3/the-power-of-accountability/

Is a 1-on-1 accountability program right for you?

It might be if:

  • You're in a job you hate and want to start working towards a business of your own.
  • You've decided to start a small business, but you feel like you're going nowhere fast.
  • You're working on new offerings, but you keep getting sidetracked because of client work or family dramas.
  • You've got an existing business that's going okay, but you want to find out how you can be part of the change that you want to see in the world.
  • You're prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in the work.

Me as an accountability partner

What most people notice about me is that I'm patient and diplomatic. Once they know me well, they realise that I can be a bit bossy (my husband's words, I say delightful) but in an empathetic and gentle way. So when I say that we're going to get you to reach a goal, we'll almost certainly do so.

I won't judge you if you need something explained several times, but you'll probably feel the discomfort of my withering gaze staring back at you on our next Zoom call if you haven't done what you said you will. The gaze will be delivered with empathy, but it will be delivered nevertheless.

My goal is to help you get value for money from your investment in this program and I won't be doing that if I don't hold you accountable. So if before you press the "buy now" button, think long and hard about whether you're prepared to put in the work on your side. I will, so I'll expect you to do the same.

Are you tired of feeling frustrated?

If you're tired of feeling frustrated because you're not making progress in the way you'd like, do something about it today.

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